About Us

Welcome to VividViewing, where every pixel tells a story, and compact technology meets endless possibilities. VividViewing is a testament to innovation, adaptability, and the modern lifestyle. We hope to share an experience that turns every room into a theatre, every wall into an art piece, and every moment into a shared memory. From late-night study sessions to cheering on your favorite team, from immersive gaming to creating art with precision.

These compact projectors offer vast potential. The magic that made a dorm room feel more like home, brought teammates closer, and turned a simple gadget into a gateway to endless entertainment and creativity. This magic is what we aim to bring to your life. 

At VividViewing, we’re not just about the latest tech, we’re about the moments that tech creates. Whether you’re a student, a sports enthusiast, a gamer, or an artist, we have something that will illuminate your world. 

Dive into the VividViewing experience, where every projection is a promise of adventure, every image a tale of your making, and every product a portal to a larger life, no matter where you are. Join us in turning every space into a story. 

Email: vividviewing@gmail.com

Phone: 833.736.6397

Address: 3275 S John Young Pkwy, Unit 1134, Kissimmee, FL 34749

Operated By: Pause The Moment, LLC